Sanctuary Battle
Quest Info
Recommend Level 35
Event cost 5 Stamina
Daily limit 2 time
Recommend-ation team up with Lv. 35+ players to finish
Event NPC Philie
Description Storm Legion has created a Storm Rift and broken into the Temple of Glory. Assemble, warriors! Now is the time to purge these invaders and restore peace in this sacred land!

Sanctuary Battle Edit

1.      You must complete Sanctuary Battle on Team mode. The Exp you earn will be determined independently from the levels of your teammates. If your friends are not online, you may tap “Auto-Match” in the event window.

2.      After entering the Dungeon, follow the arrow and complete the dialogue to transform your character. Transformations are irreversible for this battle, and you must transform in order to participate!

3.      When transformed, your character’s skills will change. You will be unable to use recovery potions during the. The transformed heroes are as follows:

a)        Light Touch Hero, with high attack power

b)        Blood Fire Hero, with superior HP recovery

c)        Sword Shield Hero, with more HP and defense.

4.      This battle has three phases: kill the Storm Nightmare, Storm Assassin and Storm Wild Dragon (Boss). These three monsters will show up one by one, each stronger than the last, and they’ll bring numerous smaller monsters with them. We suggest Sword Shield Hero take point while the other heroes keep their distance.

5.      If you don’t want to fight manually, you may choose Auto-Battle.

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