Guild DonationEdit

1.       You can donate 10 gold, 100 gold, or 1000 gold. Each guild member can donate one time for each amount.

2.       The Guild fund can be used to unlock shop items or guild skill.

3.       After donating, guild members can get certain guild feats. Feats can be used to purchase items in guild shop or upgrade guild skills.

Guild MissionsEdit

1.       Complete missions to unlock guild feats, experience and add to the guild fund.

2.       Guild Missions reset at 12am.

Guild BattlesEdit

1.       Guild Capture the Flag starts at: 9PM-10PM Every Saturday.

2.       Guild Leaders need to sign up by talking to Legion Legatus—Scall in the Capital of Glory.

3.       After a round of Capture the Flag, guild members will receive experience and gold bonuses.

Leaving the GuildEdit

1.       After a member quits the guild, all feats and guild funds will be cleared.

2.       If a player rejoins the guild, they will be able to recover all skills and attribute bonuses.

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